We install lightweight and dense fireproofing systems to structural steel and equipment supports in the shop and at the jobsite.

For new construction, we offer shop applied fireproofing, field applied fireproofing, or both.  Structural steel members and equipment supports can be partially fireproofed at our shop, leaving the field connections bare.  The field connections are fireproofed at the jobsite after erection.  This combination offers significant cost savings and less manpower required to complete the work after erection, reducing congestion at the jobsite. 

For field applied fireproofing and structural repairs, we have the expertise to offer you turn-key construction.  Our crews can perform the scaffolding, demolition of existing linings (including abatement work), abrasive blasting, painting, and installation of the new fireproofing system.  Our attention to detail and meticulous housekeeping combine to produce a cosmetically appealing finished product which will provide years of maintenance-free service.

We install lightweight systems as well as dense concrete fireproofing.  We provide first time installations, as well as restoration of deteriorated or fire damaged systems.  We provide a superior design for lightweight fireproofing systems which offers increased protection against moisture encroachment, the leading cause of lightweight fireproofing system degradation.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the specific requirements of your project.  Whether you're in the planning stage or ready to build, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with system recommendations,  cost estimates, and schedules.